Rivals Transfer Portal - Transfer Tracker: Stogner has plenty of options
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Transfer Tracker: Stogner has plenty of options

Mark Pszonak contributed to this report.

The transfer portal never stops grinding. With the departure of coach Lincoln Riley to USC, there was an immediate possibility that Oklahoma would lose plenty of talent to the portal. One that has already happened is tight end Austin Stogner, who quickly received serious interest from numerous programs from coast-to-coast.

Stogner had eight touchdown receptions during his Oklahoma career
Stogner had eight touchdown receptions during his Oklahoma career (AP Images)

Recruiting: Stogner was an early commitment to Oklahoma, making his decision during the summer leading up to his junior season. Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, LSU, Nebraska, and Ohio State where also considered.

At Oklahoma: Stogner finished his career at Oklahoma with 47 receptions for 654 yards and eight touchdowns.

Potential landing spots: Interest has been plentiful for Stogner, with Ohio State, Alabama, Utah, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Iowa State, TCU, Florida State and Ole Miss being some of the schools making a serious push. While it is early, the four schools that Stogner has already focused on are Ohio State, Utah, South Carolina and Iowa State so it ill be interesting to see if someone else can crash the party.

Farrell’s Take: Stogner has always had excellent potential as a big and athletic tight end target and he had some very good moments at OU. It's no surprise to see so many teams reaching out and he is a clear high impact Group of Five player, perhaps even more valuable now than he was out of high school. In the right offense he could be a touchdown machine.

Impact Meter: 8.4 out of 10


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